Okay, so "love" doesn't suck, but Valentine's Day sure does!

If you're looking to get away from all the ooy-gooy stuff that's in the air and just dance your butt off this Valentine's Day weekend, we have the party for you!

Come join us for our annual Love SUX party to dance the night away. Bring in a torn up or destroyed photo of your ex for goodies and the best closure you could ask for. With drinks, games, and live music, your committed friends are going to be wishing they went out with you!

Sign up with the form to win a Happy Hour party for you and all your friends to get extras in addition to the party specials and leave those couples to their boring dinners and crowded movie dates. Trust us, your Instagram photos will look way more exciting.

Just scroll through the image slider below to find the specials for the Howl at the Moon in your city!